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chromedriver インストールメモ

Ubuntu 16.04

参考 EC2 UbuntuでGoogle Chromeをヘッドレス実行してスクリーンショットを採取する手順 - Qiita
python 2.7 - Unknown error: Chrome failed to start: exited abnormally - Stack Overflow

Ubuntu で python3.6 -m venv がエラーになる場合

$ python3.6 -m venv venv
The virtual environment was not created successfully because ensurepip is not
available.  On Debian/Ubuntu systems, you need to install the python3-venv
package using the following command.

    apt-get install python3-venv

You may need to use sudo with that command.  After installing the python3-venv
package, recreate your virtual environment.

Failing command: ['/home/ubuntu/venv/bin/python3.6', '-Im', 'ensurepip', '--upgrade', '--default-pip']

Ubuntu 14 とか 16 でこんな感じになる時は

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